Dimension Rifts are event missions that can only be found through playing a Story Mission or having one of your allies find it. They only last for 30 minutes and have a limit of five players per rift. Each player can only find one Dimension Rift per day except for VIP players who gets additional chances depending on their VIP level.

You can get Dimension Shards, Pass Ticket, and a chance to get Hero Biometrics as reward for completing the mission.

You won't get Shield Experience (Agent/Player EXP) for finishing a rift. Energy requirements changes depending on the level range you choose but all of them adds another point of energy to every consecutive entry to the same rift from the same player.

Access Edit

Dimension Rifts can be accessed in two ways.

  • You can find one while playing an Elite Mission, you will then have to finish that mission to open the rift for you and your allies.
  • If one of your allies found a rift, you will see a violet portal on the bottom-right corner of your screen, clicking on it will open up the Dimension Rift Menu and you can choose which mission to enter. Each rift can only be accessed by five players maximum.


Once you enter a rift you will be ask to choose what difficulty/level you want to play. You need to finish the first missions before gaining access to the next difficulty/level.

Level Range Starting Energy Required
10-19 6
20-29 8
30-39 10
40-49 12
50-59 14

Types of Dimension Rifts Edit

  • Hawk Aiming at Feed - Hawkeye biometrics
  • Furious Beast - Black Panther biometrics
  • Son of Ultron - Vision biometrics
  • The Unworthy God - Thor biometrics
  • Bloodthirsty - Blade biometrics
  • Unfriendly Neighborhood - Spiderman biometrics
  • Heart of Dark Dragon - Iron Fist biometrics
  • Chitauri's Invasion - Loki's biometrics
  • Fallen Legend - Captain America's biometrics
  • Incarnation of Destruction - Destroyer's biometrics
  • Spirit of Vengeance - Ghostrider's biometrics.

Dimension Rifts exclusive Heroes Edit

Hero biometrics that currently can't be acquired from Elite Missions.

  • Loki
  • Destroyer

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