Iron Man or Tony Stark is a billionaire superhero who fight the evil with his own armored suit.


Origin: Captain America: Civil War

Ally Status: Hero Type: Blast

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Ability: Explosion, Flight


Details Starting Max Cap
Rank 1 Star 6 Stars
Max Level 1 50
Energy Atk
Physical Def
Energy Def

Gears Edit


  • Energy Attack
  • Physical Attack By Level
  • Physical Attack

Iron Man Suit

  • Energy Defense
  • Physical Defense By Level

Arc Reactor

  • HP
  • Dodge


  • Critical Rate
  • Skill Cooldown
  • Critical Damage

Source of Mastery Edit

Norn Stone of Energy


Genius Level Intellect

Passive SkillsEdit

Precision Aim

  • Energy Attack +5% *Required Hero Rank for Skills: 5 Stars

Active SkillsEdit

  1. Repulsor Blast (Energy Attack): 102% Energy Damage, Add Energy Damage 20 (Cooldown Time = 8 sec.)
  2. Repulsor Ray (Energy Attack): 92% Energy Damage, Add Physical Damage 20 (Cooldown Time = 7 sec.)
  3. Unibeam (Energy Attack): 38% Energy Damage, Add Physical Damage 3 (Cooldown Time = 9 sec.) *Required Hero Rank for Skills: 3 Stars
  4. Missile Barrage (Physical Attack): 18% Physical Damage, Add Physical Damage 2 (Cooldown Time = 15 sec.) *Required Hero Rank for Skills: 5 Stars
  5. The One-Off (Energy Attack)


Team-Up BonusesEdit

3 Member Team Bonuses Edit

Iron Mania (Iron Man, Iron Man Mark 44 (Hulkbuster), War Machine)

  • All Attack +5.5%
  • All Defense +5.5%
  • Critical Rate 4.9%

Memories of Civil War (Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man)

  • All Attack +4.6%
  • All Defense +5.1%
  • Max HP +5.2%

Founding Fathers (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor)

  • All Defense +4.7%
  • Max HP +4.7%
  • Cooldown Time +4.9%

Mechanical Mayhem (Iron Man, Ultron, Dr. Octopus)

  • Movement Speed +4.4%
  • Max HP +4.7&
  • Attack Speed +4.8%

Unstable Geniuses (Iron Man, Hulk, Dr. Octopus)

  • All Attack +4.4%
  • Attack Speed +4.5%
  • Defense Penetration +5.1%

2 Member Team Bonuses Edit

Tony's Toy (Iron Man, War Machine)

  • Attack Speed +4.2%
  • Movement Speed +4.3%


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