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What is Marvel: Future Fight? Edit

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel: Future Fight is a mobile game created by NetMarble. If you are a fan of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance or its sequel or of Marvel comics or the movies itself, then this game is for you.

FEATURES: -Play hundreds of missions and uncover the true enemy behind the attack on our future

-Recruit the ultimate team of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains , such as Iron Man , Captain Marvel and Spider-Man , while mastering awesome skills and upgrades

-Compete with other players in 3 vs 3 team battles . Assemble your strongest squad with a mix of 4 unique Hero types: Speed , Blast , Combat , Universal

-Partner classic Marvel teammates to earn special power boosts

-Enlist Hero support from your friends via the Ally system

-Wage war against the universe's most powerful Super Villains in epic Boss Battles to unlock exclusive content and rewards

-Control your Heroes with one-finger touch or virtual control pad

-Thrill to a groundbreaking new Action-RPG featuring an original story set within the Marvel Universe written by Peter David

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