This is a list of missions/shops where you can get specific hero biometrics from. Elite Missions and Dimension Rifts biometric drops are chance-base, which means, good luck farming your way to get your favorite hero/villain.

When I mention the word "Exclusive" on the blog it means exlusive to that mission without using crystals to buy boxes. (Villain Siege is also not counted because its also random)

Crystal/Gem Chests

First and foremost, we have the different types of chest from the Shop. They cost crystals/gems and will give you a random Hero once bought, in case you got a hero/villain that you already recruited it will give you biometrics of that hero/villain instead.

Dimension Chest will give you either a Hero, biometrics or an ISO.

Some heroes can only be acquired from chests.

Chest Exclusive Heroes: 

  • Angela
  • Black Cat
  • Malekith (you can probably get from Villain Siege, will get to this later)

Dimension Rifts

You can find a list of DImension Rifts here.

Dimension Rifts Exclusive Heroes:

  • Destroyer
  • Loki
  • Thor and Black Panther

Note: Thor and Black Panther have Elite Missions but its on 8-9 and 8-1 respectively so if you want them earlier you can get their biometrics here.

Arena Shop

There are two shops that can be accessed through the arena, one is for Honor Tokens and the other one is for Chaos Tokens. Honor Token is the reward after finishing a timeline battle, 50 for winning and 25 if you lose. Chaos Token is the reward for killing a boss on Villain Siege. Both shops sells three pieces of hero biometrics for 500 Honor/Chaos Tokens.

Honor Token Biometrics

  • Captain Marvel (Honor Token exclusive)
  • Bullseye
  • Elektra

Chaos Token Biometrics

  • Hulk (Chaos Token exclusive)
  • Venom
  • Mockingbird

Elite Missions

Elite missions are harder versions of normal missions. If the final boss of the level is a recruitable character you have a chance of getting one piece of biometric of that character after finishing the mission. Every level is limited to three attempts per day but this is still the easiest source of biometrics in the game.

Destroying the active objects that drops power-up orbs around the level (boxes, road blocks, barrels) have a very small chance of dropping a biometric of the boss character.

Level 1-1 on the table means Chapter 1, Mission 1.

Heroes/Villains Elite Mission Levels
Black Bolt 8-10
Black Phanter 8-1
Black Widow 2-6, 3-9, 5-4
Blade 3-4, 5-7
Bullseye 4-3, 7-4
Captain America 3-10, 5-6
Daredevil 4-9, 6-4
Doctor Octopus 3-11, 5-10, 7-10
Elektra 4-6, 7-2, 7-5
Falcon 2-5, 4-7, 6-2
Ghost Rider 4-4, 4-8, 8-4
Green Goblin 3-7, 7-1, 7-9
Hawkeye 4-2, 8-3
Iron Fist 4-5, 6-5
Iron Man 3-5, 5-2, 8-2
Kingpin 4-10, 7-6
Luke Cage 2-3, 5-8, 6-9
M.O.D.O.K. 2-9, 6-3, 7-7
Mockingbird 2-4, 5-1
Punisher 2-8, 6-6
Red Skull 6-10, 7-3, 7-11
Sharon Carter 3-8, 6-8, 8-6
Spiderman 2-3, 5-9, 8-8
Thor 8-9
Ultron 1-8, 7-12
Venom 3-3, 7-8
Vision 1-5, 5-3
War Machinge 1-3, 5-5, 8-7
Winter Soldier 2-7, 6-7, 8-5

Villain Siege

Aside from getting Chaos Tokens, defeating a boss on the siege gives one random biometric. Its not that much compared to the other sources specially now that the difficulty is increased but I'll put it here for completion's sake.

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