Profile Edit

Real name: Darren Agonistes Cross

Origin: Marvel's Ant-Man

Class type: Blast

Bio: After learning the science behind Hank Pym's astonishing shrinking suit, the ruthless tech mogul Darren Cross devoted his resources to creating a prototype suit with similar abilities. Cross envisioned this high-power cybernetic rig as a means to take modern warfare to a new level, personally overseeing its retrofitting and weaponization. Cross dons the imposing armor himself in hopes of achieving final victory as Yellowjacket!


Stat Minimum Max
Rank 1 star 6 stars
Level 1 50
Energy Atk 40 2168
Physical Def 29 1960
Energy Def 29 1960
HP 237 7518


Robotic Arms

  • Energy Attack
  • Defense Penetration

Yellojacket Suit

  • Energy Defense
  • HP

Yellojacket Helmet

  • Critcal Rate
  • Critical Damage

Pym Particles

  • Dodge
  • Attack Speed


Fear of the Sting

Activate Ratio: while attacking with 10% rate

Apply to: All team members

Applied effects: 

  • Paralyze (2 secs)

Cooldown time: 20/18/16/14/12/10 seconds


Bounce Back

Activate Ratio: when HP is below 30%

Apply to: Self

Applied effects:

  • Critcal Rate +3%
  • Character Size -30%
  • All Attack +10%

Cooldown time: None

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